Sonia Kiki Jones_Galactic Rose_1 (1).jpg

Galactic Rose

Inspired by the qualities of rose quartz, a stone of the heart and love, beauty and imagination. Capturing both the gentleness and empowered strength of the sacred feminine

580 x 360 x 160mm


Mysterious Algorithm of Life

Inspired by the qualities of the amethyst crystal and how after spending more time with someone you discover deeper layers of mystery and beauty

550 x 560 x 160mm


Arctic Dreaming

Inspired by my travels to the arctic and the luminosity of glacial ice and cracks in the iceroads.

500 x 460 x 130mm





My new body of work is comparing the human experience to that of a geode…discovering the wonder, light and strength that is deep inside each of us when we open ourselves up.

My previous exhibition, State of A-Dress, Ora Gallery, NYC  2017, I used clothing as my canvas to explore both personal and universal stories.  While these artworks captured the essence of the soul that inhabited the clothing, now I am asking the questions and looking inside of ourselves, what happens when we shed that skin?

All our experiences, past lives, friendships, wounds, loves and losses…all combine together inside of us, but often we charge around through life and don’t tap into the depths of our own soul, to be still enough to explore and discover the power that resides in each of us.     

Each artwork is inspired by either a unique crystal, its colour and healing qualities, a chakra colour, or a particular passion or interest we may have.  Several torsos have symbolic markings that link each piece to the journey explored and expressed on the surface.


 At Lipsky and Sons - until end January 2021 

Enjoy and glass of wine or meal while you experience the colours and energy of these crystal inspired artworks!

3 Mountain View Drive          tel.034431234       Open  Wednesday-Saturday 4-9pm  and Sunday 10am-3pm   

  Contact me directly if you'd like a personal tour 021 645758  


Divine Matrix

Inspired by meditation and activation of the pineal gland

450mm diameter 70mm deep




Inspired by the mother earth, the merkaba star, and the colours and depth of our NZ native landscape

600mm diameter 110mm deep



The Scent of Life

Inspired by the opening of the sacral chakra and the journey of the scared feminine

600mm diameter 90mm deep


Sonia Kiki Jones_crystal mandala_Fractua

Fractal Fun Dust

Inspired by the crystal Dioptase, meditation 

300mm diameter 50mm deep


Sonia Kiki Jones_crystal mandala_936hz.j


Inspired by meditation and activation of the pineal gland

300mm diameter 60mm deep


I have recently gone back to my maiden name and this new series is launched under Sonia Kiki Jones!

Please bear with me as I transition my websites - the entire Tapping in to your Fire collection is here: