New Zealand Artist exhibits at Art Expo New York [SOLO] 2018

My experience at my first international Art Expo was a wild roller coaster! The immense anticipation, the sleepless nights getting ready, heading to New York alone to take this on. Normally my husband Mark would be there, but he went back to NZ to have fun with our 14 year old, and now I totally realize how much work he does when I have a show! I arrived in NYC 6 days prior to work on all the behind the scenes stuff. Hanging day arrives. Jason and I arrive at Pier 94 with power drills, hammers and screw as well as a few smaller artworks under our arms. (Jason was roped in to help by my dear friend Giarna) We find the booth number S428 (the S for [SOLO] as Art Expo New York is a combinati

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