Sonia is off to Sculpture onShore! 3rd - 18th Nov 2018

Fort Takapuna gun emplacement where my artwork For Those Who Came Before will be installed. I have had a real mix bag of events lately, but some how I have still been productive in my studio. I have been developing the artworks that I wrote about in my previous two blog posts, and I am excited about the direction these pieces are taking. I’m loving looking into the history of New Zealand (I always find history lessons so much more interesting when it is combined with art!) and learning about the women who had an impact on our little country that sits in the vast South Pacific. I have exciting news: one of my pieces from my current body of work, which is exploring the concept 'What makes us

A new body of work emerges...

As soon as I left New York, my mind started fizzing with ideas. I’m not sure if it was that my mind finally had space, as there are so many wonderful distractions in that city, you bounce from one source of entertainment to another! But I think it was more that I have developed a way to ‘keep a lid on it’ to a certain degree. When I am not able to be in my studio (because we are off chasing aurora or bumbling around in our vintage car – an odd combinations of things that I love!) I manage to contain my ideas. I keep a small note book with me incase something pops up, but I try not to let them get a hold of me….but once I am headed towards home, and they start pounding on my frontal lobe a

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