Madame Butterfly

By Sonia Richter


Acrylic on corset on board with painted bird skulls and artificial butterflies – framed

2’10” x 2’5” x 0’7”

Currently available in the USA on ArtNet

Madame Butterfly draws on the symbolism and inherent fragility of butterflies to reflect on the preciousness and ephemerality of both love and life. This uplifting work, a corset bursting with butterflies, evokes memories of romance and seduction. It recalls past passions and suggests the feeling of butterflies within as anticipation builds and love blossoms.

Suspended offers the viewer a flimsy negligee hastily discarded in a moment of passion, caught on the very mirror in front of which the wearer carried out her preparations for the anticipated night. The mirror has long been a fraught symbol in art history, sometimes suggestive of vanity, self-awareness and fleeting recognition. Here it is provocative and fun, providing a glimpse of a fleeting sensual event? Was it left behind absentmindedly or deliberately?”

A little bit of naughty....that first date....

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By Sonia Richter


Acrylic on dress on vintage mirror with

artificial butterflies

3’6” x 1’2” x 0’4"

Currently available in the USA on ArtNet


Ground Control to 80s Prom

Sonia Richter

Acrylic on vintage dress on board with butterflies


1236 x 1150 x 250mm