A Tribute to David Bowie


Acrylic on vintage coat and fabric on board, framed

5’6” x 3’6” x 0’7”

$14,200 USD


The Power of Hope -  A Tribute to Michelle Obama

By Sonia Richter


Acrylic on dress with books, 18ct gold plated sterling silver chain, artificial flowers, charms & gem stones

5’8” x 3’0” x 1’4”


Tribute to David Bowie

“Inspired by Bowie’s utter bravery in song and fashion, and his continual reinvention of himself, I created this work after his passing in 2016.  I have always admired how he supported other artists, particularly when he commissioned a collection from the then up and coming Alexander McQueen for the Earthling Tour in the 90s.  The Union Jack Coat that came out of that collection is my absolute favourite, so I chose this to honor Bowie, by recreated this coat and turning it into this fine artwork”

Hanging at Norwood Club   New York City   241 West 14th St


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The Power of Hope - A Tribute to Michelle Obama

Richter was inspired to create this work after listening to Michelle Obama’s final speech as First Lady. Obama's belief in the importance of education, in the value of including all cultures, religions and backgrounds, and her awareness about the powerful statements you can make with fashion struck a chord with Richter.


Her tribute work is based on the dress Michelle Obama wore to the Presidential Medal of Freedom Dinner at the White House in 2012. The dress is by Michael Kors, an American designer and the son of immigrants. For Richter it partly represents the opportunities available to those who stand by their beliefs and push for freedom of expression.


The artwork is grounded on a foundation of books to represent the importance of education. Entwined within the folds of the dress are flowers and symbols of the world’s different cultures, religions and belief systems: the Star of David from Judaism, the Crescent Moon of Islam. There are symbols of Christianity and Hindu and of peace, love and hope. America’s bald eagle and bison sit alongside the sunflower for women’s rights, Germany’s cornflower, Africa’s protea, Mexico’s dahlia, Ireland’s shamrock, India’s lotus, Brazil’s orchid and many more.