Sonia is off to Sculpture onShore! 3rd - 18th Nov 2018

Fort Takapuna gun emplacement where my artwork For Those Who Came Before will be installed.

I have had a real mix bag of events lately, but some how I have still been productive in my studio. I have been developing the artworks that I wrote about in my previous two blog posts, and I am excited about the direction these pieces are taking. I’m loving looking into the history of New Zealand (I always find history lessons so much more interesting when it is combined with art!) and learning about the women who had an impact on our little country that sits in the vast South Pacific.

I have exciting news: one of my pieces from my current body of work, which is exploring the concept 'What makes us of New Zealand' is going to be in Sculpture onShore! This is held at the amazing Fort Takapuna in Auckland! I am deeply excited to be a part of this event, as the proceeds go to Women’s Refuge. Given that many of the art works in this series acknowledge the strength of the many women who shaped the way we are and how we are perceived as a nation. I wish I had my Kate Shepard work finished for the 125 anniversary, but this date sadly temporarily escaped my mind in the past few months, otherwise I would’ve finished that first.

The reason productivity has been erratic - My husband, Mark, and I are were on a vintage car rally in America in August. However, celebrating with Mark and our dear friend David after they had just driven the ‘38 Packard 12 all the way from Chicago to Seattle, I tripped on a curb in the dark and ended up with a broken collar bone! I managed to finish the car rally from Seattle to Monterey, and enjoy Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (hooray), and am now back at home, 8 weeks later, still waiting in my sling, trying to be still, longing for bones to line up again and heal...please! (and yes, it is my painting hand).

Above are a few photos from the trip – the three of us, before and after! Mark and I with our ’38 Packard on the Tour d’Elegance and the last two photos are two of my many favourite cars that were on the lawn at Concours d’Elegance.

The artwork I have submitted to Sculpture onShore is called "For those who came before". It is about the pioneering women who came out to New Zealand in the late 1800s and early 1900s, in their big luscious petticoats, and how their life was transformed when they arrived. Their reality dramatically different, the excessive hard work and pain and loss they had to endure. I am currently engrossed in the stories in “Over the Wide and Trackless Sea – The pioneer women and girls of New Zealand” for these are the everyday stories I want to portray.

This artwork is a deviation from my painterly style in that it is all sewn: layers and layers of vintage lace petticoats and christening gowns suspended from a torso from the ceiling. I had the artwork well under way before heading to America. Now back into my studio I have the wonderfully talented Victoria Stevens helping me with the last bits of sewing (which as we are at the bottom of a 2.5m long dress, the circumference of each petticoat ruffle is vast!) Last night Shannon and Kimby helped me paper mache the torso with newspaper articles from the early 1900s while I flap around with one hand and try not to lift too many things!

The last few vintage petticoats and christening gowns are flying in from ebay purchases and the final push is on...

For those of you that live up north, I’d love to see you there and of course, anyone who wants to come for the opening, from anywhere, ohhhh it’ll be fun!

I'll be in Auckland installing from 28th October...

Thank you Anna Hanson, for this amazing opportunity X

And thank you all so much for your ongoing love and support XX

Peace, love and paint splattered clothing,


Sculpture onShore 3rd -18th November 2018

Gala Opening 5-8.30pm Friday 2nd November

Shannon, Kimby and me.... Vic and I think that is Shannon...!

Gala Opening 5-8.30pm Friday 2nd November

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