ANZAC DAY Remembrance - Lockdown Art in New Zealand 2020

For all who lost…

Being in lockdown for ANZAC Day, with no way to gather together, to remember all those we have lost in wars, I decided to make a tribute artwork to hang on my fence for you.

Delving into research, my heart blew apart with the synergy… just over 100 years ago, all those brave soldiers, the ones who actually survived Gallipoli, returned to New Zealand and Australia, where the Spanish flu had reaped havoc, in 2 months 9000 lives had been taken in NZ alone. Business had been closed down, events were canceled - so no welcome home ceremony for the soldiers, and social distancing was in place.

It stuck me hard. What we are going through now is massive, but to have this on top of the decimation of a World War…unfathomable.

I have a studio full of ‘potential objects for art projects’ some would say I horde…but I’ve always thought there a a difference in ‘keeping stuff for potential art!’ I rummaged through boxes and we played with a few options before choosing to use the christening gowns to represent the children who lost their fathers in war. I had a few poppies in my stash of artificial flowers, my niece Corina (who is stuck here from Canada!) painted each flower red and highlighted with black, to look as much like poppies as possible. Barbed wire was often used to defend the trenches. So I chose this to symbolise the twisted forms of pain and suffering caused by war.

Least we forget….

With love from

Sonia and Corina


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