The Power of Hope -  A Tribute to Michelle Obama


Acrylic on dress with books, 18ct gold plated sterling silver chain, artificial flowers, charms & gem stones

5’8” x 3’0” x 1’4”



The Power of Hope - A Tribute to Michelle Obama

Richter was inspired to create this work after listening to Michelle Obama’s final speech as First Lady. Obama's belief in the importance of education, in the value of including all cultures, religions and backgrounds, and her awareness about the powerful statements you can make with fashion struck a chord with Richter.


Her tribute work is based on the dress Michelle Obama wore to the Presidential Medal of Freedom Dinner at the White House in 2012. The dress is by Michael Kors, an American designer and the son of immigrants. For Richter it partly represents the opportunities available to those who stand by their beliefs and push for freedom of expression.


The artwork is grounded on a foundation of books to represent the importance of education. Entwined within the folds of the dress are flowers and symbols of the world’s different cultures, religions and belief systems: the Star of David from Judaism, the Crescent Moon of Islam. There are symbols of Christianity and Hindu and of peace, love and hope. America’s bald eagle and bison sit alongside the sunflower for women’s rights, Germany’s cornflower, Africa’s protea, Mexico’s dahlia, Ireland’s shamrock, India’s lotus, Brazil’s orchid and many more.


Madame Butterfly draws on the symbolism and inherent fragility of butterflies to reflect on the preciousness and ephemerality of both love and life. This uplifting work, a corset bursting with butterflies, evokes memories of romance and seduction. It recalls past passions and suggests the feeling of butterflies within as anticipation builds and love blossoms.

Madame Butterfly


Acrylic on corset on board with painted bird skulls and artificial butterflies – framed

2’10” x 2’5” x 0’7”

$4,900 USD

Suspended offers the viewer a flimsy negligee hastily discarded in a moment of passion, caught on the very mirror in front of which the wearer carried out her preparations for the anticipated night. The mirror has long been a fraught symbol in art history, sometimes suggestive of vanity, self-awareness and fleeting recognition. Here it is provocative and fun, providing a glimpse of a fleeting sensual event? Was it left behind absentmindedly or deliberately?”

A little bit of naughty....that first date....

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Acrylic on dress on vintage mirror with

artificial butterflies

3’6” x 1’2” x 0’4"

$2,900 USD



Acrylic on jacket on board with goat horns, matagouri and rusted wire


4’6” x 3’5” x 0’10”

$7,800 USD

Faunification  is a powerful, dark and sexy work that hints at gendered roles and sexuality by representing both man and goat. It evokes the hunter-gatherer and ideas about masculine vitality and fertility.

The Unusual Suspect II
Both funky and intriguing...there is a sense of mystery...Who work this jacket? Why was it left behind? Was is someone's father long gone, or from a recent lover that was left behind, absentmindedly or deliberately?



The Unusual Suspect II

Acrylic on vintage coat 

3’10” x 1’6” x 0’5”

$3,900 USD

A Night at the Casino Royale

“I was inspired to create A Night at the Casino Royale when I found this original 1950s tuxedo shirt at a vintage store.  Since the original Casino Royale book, by Ian Fleming, was published in 1953, it seemed fitting to create one of my ‘Boyfriend Shirt’ series, alluding to a fleeting moment with James Bond”.


Tucked inside the shirt are cherry blossoms to represent the fragility and fleeting nature of a passionate moment with Bond.  The necklace and cufflink are copies of the jewellery worn in the movie of Casino Royale.


A Night at the Casino Royale


Acrylic on 1950s tuxedo shirt with sterling

silver, brass and silk flowers

3’2” x 2’0” x 0’6”

$3,400 USD


Between Everything and Nothing


Acrylic on vintage corset and petticoat on board – framed

5’8” x 3’4” x 0’5”

$7,900 USD

In Between Everything and Nothing a vintage corset and petticoat have been layered and sculpted to create a dramatic, whimsical and romantic work which evokes a bygone era. The work’s title and windswept skirts call to mind Wuthering Heights and the idea of love and loss and Cathy and Heathcliff’s tragically self-consuming passion.


Flight of Passage

Acrylic on bomber jacket with sterling silver, 24ct gold leaf & bitumen 
2’4” x 1’10” x 0’4”

$3,900 USD

Flight of Passage is a play on ‘right of passage’ and how we seem to have lost a lot of these rituals that would help young boys pass into manhood. I wanted to create a work about this vulnerable time of life.  I have repurposed a denim jacket to create this black leather jacket, a style which is often worn as a shield.  The butterflies represent our constant evolution; that we shouldn’t ever be scared of changing and morphing.  They are a made of sterling silver, gold leaf and bitumen.  Over time the bitumen will crack and let more of the golden light shine out.  My amazing artist/jeweler friend, Kate Alterio, made the butterfly pins.

Lurbira...A sexy playful piece inspired by the Mother Earth Goddness of the native Basque people



Acrylic on dress on board with ram horns and artificial flowers


1800 x 1000 x 260mm

$5,900 USD